Sílabas libres y trabadas; compound words


– Sílabas abiertas y sílabas cerradas:

• Sílaba abierta o libre: la que acaba en vocal. pa/la/bra

• Sílaba cerrad o trabada: la que acaba en consonante. sen/tar


English compound words:

   – Killjoy” (noun) (≈ Grinch). Aguafiestas

-“Breakwater” = wall to stop waves.

   – “Downfall” (noun) = metaphorical sudden fall

  -“Overripe, over-ripe” (adj.) = too mature (fruit or something like that)


  -“Overwrought” (adj.) = agitated (person)

  -“Failsafe” (adj.) = secure mechanism that knows when to switch off on its own or something similar.

  -“Tumbledown“(adj.) = falling (building), almost destroyed.


   -“Browbeat” =  intimidate

  -“Double-book” (verb)= to book something twice or for 2 people.

 -“Whitewash”  (noun)= cal; (verb)= to cover up with whitewash; to cover up a mistake with something else.


  -“Freeze-dry“(verb) = dehydrate something by freezing it; (liofilizar).



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