New clapping game :) – “Concentration”


This game is called Concentration or Concentration 64. It’s a great way to review vocabulary.

It’s very simple.
You start singing:

                                                                    Other version

  Concentration                        This is the game
  Sixty-four                               of concentration
  No repeats
  Or hesitations
  I’ll go first                                 I will start
   and I’ll go second                  And you will follow
  Category is …  (and you say a category, like colour, animals or countries)


Then you start saying something belonging to that category in turns.

Clapping goes similar to the one for Lemonade. One vertical clap with both hands, one up and one down, then another one changing hands, then three claps together. you must follow the rythm. And as the lyrics say, whoever repeats, hesitates too long, or just can´t come up with anything loses!

Here you have a video where you can see how to play.

It’s the fourth. Time: 1:46



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