Snap (card game)


I have learned a new game of cards, to play in English.
It’s very easy, so easy in fact you need to do it very fast to keep it exciting.

Its name is Snap, and it’s very similar to the Spanish ‘El Águila’, but simpler still (just in case anyone knows that).

Well, it’s played with the French deck, of course, and it’s a game of 2 or more players.

You shuffle the cards, and then deal equally.

Each player puts their cards in a face down pile in front of them.
Then, one starts putting his top card face up in the middle of the table making a movement towards the outside (so you can´t see your card in advance).

Then the next player does the same with his card, placing it on top of the other. And it continues like that, until 2 cards of the same number appear consecutively (f.ex. two sixes, two tens, or two aces).

Then the players race to be the firsts to shout snap and put their hand over the middle pile. The one who goes first, takes the cards in the middle and puts them under his pile.

It goes on like that, until only one player has all the cards, then he is the winner.

If someone shouts snap when they shouldn´t, they must give one card from their pile to each player as a punishment.
It can also be played with other cards, like memory cards or something like that.

There some possible variations in the game (not using your hand, placing one pile for player in front of each one…) but in general it’s the same.



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