This complicated term means fear of buttons.

Etymology has been hard to find. Of course the ‘phobia’ part is easy, we already know. The problem was the ‘koumpouno’.

Where does it come from and what does it mean?

Well, of course I couldn´t find it in my Ancient Greek  Dictionary, because apparently, it’s modern Greek.

The word for button in modern Greek is κουμπί (/kumbi/), but this is not the word used, although clearly related, by whoever invented this word.
The word taken appears to be the verb ‘to button’, in modern Greek “κουμπούνω” or “κουμπώνω” (/kumbono/).

However, this word does come from the ancient Greek words for “broad bean” (haba) which is “κύαμος” (kuamos) and the verb “πονέω” (poneo) = “to work, to make an effort”.


And surprisingly, there is quite a lot of people who suffer from this phobia, some with no apparent reason since they are children. It’s not really that they fear buttons in most cases, but that buttons disgust them.

Well, and if you think it is impossible to have any problem at all with buttons, to finish with this, I let you here the trailer of the movie ‘Coraline’ (which I did watch but I had forgotten) and maybe you’ll get a creepy feeling about buttons.



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