Alphabet jump rope song

It’s a long song which must be sung while jumping, ideally, between several players .

It goes like that:

A my name is Annie;
My *husband’s name is Aaron;
We come from /live in Africa,
And we sell …apples.

*husband or wife

The bold words you change them.

(The first player jumps out and the second one jumps in and continues with letter B:):

B my name is Barbara;
My husband’s name is Ben;
We live in Boston,
And we sell …balloons

Turn for the third player, with letter C:

C my name is Catherine;
My husband’s name is Carl;
We live in Croatia,
And we sell …carrots!

Let’s suppose now it’s a boy the one that jumps in:

D my name is Dennis
My wife’s name is Debbie
We come from Denmark
And we sell doughnuts!

Next one!

E my name is Elvis
My wife’s name is Emily
We come from Essex
And we sell … emeralds!

And it goes on like this until “Z”.

I don´t really know the rules. Obviously you have to think of it before or very quick while you jump. If you don´t come up with anything, you’re out. I guess you cannot repeat words, but I think you can invent some names of people and places.

Sorry, I wanted to put up a video or something, but there’s nothing in the Internet.

The rhythm is very easy, it’s not really sung. You keep the same rhythm in the 4 sentences, you can put up some melody if you want, but it’s not really necessary.

This is fun. Do you want to continue?



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