Red Rover


Traditional game played outdoors with several players, at least I would say 6, but better between 10 and 20.

It is a good playground game.

The game is easy to play:

We need two teams.

The two teams line up opposite each other, standing quite apart, and all the players of each team have to join hands, so they form like a barrier.

Then, one team starts. They call up one person from the other team, saying: “Red Rover, Red Rover, we call _____ over” , and in the middle they say the person’s name.

The person called over, has to go towards the other team (better running), and try to break through the joined hands of one point of the line.

If they break through, they are allowed to take one person from this team back to their team.
If they don´t cross the barrier, they will join the other team.

Then it’s the other team’s turn.
The team that ends up having all players wins.



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