The Boggle game is a board game, in which you have a square done on paper, divided into a 4×4 grid (alternatively it can be 5×5). In each square of the grid, there is a letter of the alphabet.

Well you have some time (5 minutes I think is fair enough), the original game I think gives just 3 minutes, and you have to find as many words as possible (in English language, or in the language you’re playing with) combining the letters of the square.


There are a number of rules to form the combinations:

Firstly, the letters you use have to be adjacent, that is, they have to be touching one another on one side, or one corner. So you cannot jump from one letter to another two spaces away.

Secondly, you cannot use the same letter twice, meaning, you cannot go back to one letter you have already used and use it again. Of course, you can repeat the same letters in the word if the Boggle square contains more than once the same letter.

I think in the original game, you have to make words at least 3 letters long, although when using it for foreign language purposes, two letters should be accepted. (Examples: be, it, do, he, my, etc.)

Basically, that’s it. It’s quite difficult, I mean, to find long words.

When time is out, you collect all the words found, and according to the words you found you earn points.
I think also in the original you only earn points when your word is unique, meaning only one person had it. I think that is not really good, considering the difficulty of finding just simple 4-letter words.

Anyway, the longer your word is, the more points you earn.
I don´t know how the points go, but I think it’s like 1 point for a short word, and you add up one point for every added letter.

Well you can see how it is playing online:


Here you can play the real boggle, I just tried and I only found 3 words, since three-letter words don´t count! Deploring.

Here you can play another boggle game, a bit more tolerant. It accepts 3 letter words, you can try a word you’re not sure about (later it will tell you if it exists or not), and at the end you can look longer words that could be found.



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