Groovy & wry


– “Groovy” : (adj.) It was used in the 50’s. It means more or less the same as nice and sweet. The dictionary says more like exciting nad popular.

“People still wear flares and think they’re being groovy.” (fashionable)
“Ten top Megatapes we’ll also throw in, and a groovy T-Shirt for you to look cool in.”


– “Wry” (adj.) Now this is a big difference. I was told it meant something like ‘scary’, although of course maybe with context… But the dictionary says it means twisted, like in a literal and figurative way, or  also like bad, evil.
Examples from the British National Corpus:

– “She relaxed and told Jay about her life, with the wry humour of a survivor.” (referring to a clever and ironic humour)
-“‘Duty calls,’ he said with a wry grin.” (twisted, contorted in a literal sense)





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