Tallest building to the West of the Mississippi

There are several skyscrapers in the West part of the United States which are very tall. But the ranking goes like this:

1- Actually, the tallest structure is the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 1,149 feet (350,2 m).





But as it is not strictly a building, but a tower, the actual tallest building would be:


2- US Bank tower in Los Angeles, 1,018 ft (310,3 m).















3- This is followed by JPMorgan Chase Tower in Houston, with 1,002 ft (305,4 m).











4- Closely followed by its neighbour, the Wells Fargo plaza in  Houston with 992ft (302,4 m).














5- Fifth is Bank of America Plaza in Dallas, Texas or, as I like to call it, the green building. (921 ft or 280,7 m).












Sixth and 7th would be Williams tower in Houston with 901 feet and Renaissance Tower in Dallas with 886ft.



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