Carrots, bocce & semifreddo


– Carrots used to be purple, sometimes yellow, in the past; orange carrots come from a mixed variety and have less nutrients than original carrots.











Bocce (pronouced /’bɒtʃi /) is a  game very similar to the petanque (petanca), in fact, it can be the same, depending on how you play.

I thought that bocce was the English name of “petanca”, but it turns out bocce is an Italian name of a very similar way to the petanque. For me, they’re the same thing.

To play bocce, you need two teams, so at least two players, and a set of balls. The good ones are heavy, made of metal or wood I guess, the bad ones are made of plastic and are too light. There is also a smaller ball.  

One team throws out the smaller ball, and the object of the game is getting the closest to the ball by throwing the bigger balls in turns.

The team whose ball is the closest wins one point, and there are rounds until whatever is set.

If you move the smaller ball I think you are disqualified for that round.






Semifreddo is an Italain dessert similar to icecream but lighter, which is done with cream and eggs and can have many flavours.





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