Farewell, or break. Who knows?

Sorry guys, but I think I have given up. This is just so time-consuming to do everyday, I don´t have time to keep up, not even catching up once a week as I used to. At least not if I intend to do elaborate entries with pictures and explanations, because each entry takes a while…
I stopped two months ago noting down the new words and stuff in my Microsoft Word 85-page-long document, hope lost of catching up with all that. I erased what I had already passed to the online blog, but still, I have an endless list of repeated month names without year, scattered days and missing days towards the end, and spintops, oxalic acid and law unfinished projects.
To sum up, I can´t do this anymore. I may start over but it’s pointless to try to keep the hope that some day I’m going to post all the things in my Word onto the blog. What I could do is just copying the Word alll together, but it’s not nice at all, it would totally lose all the aesthetics…
Anyway, I figured I would just let you know in case someone was wondering if I was ever posting again. I might come back, but there will probably be a good gap of a few years.



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