This is a traditional handwritten investigation I made long ago, and which is now posted on my wall over my bed, and one day I decided to take a picture of it and place it here.

The investigation is about 16th-18th century pirates, when the most famous pirates appeared, above all in the Caribbean islands.

It’s written half in English and half in Spanish, just so you know.

So, without further ado, I let you have a look at the pictures, and I only hope they’re legible enough.

History of piracy – Historia de la piratería

Historia de la piratería


Now, let’s learn a bit about pirates’ stuff:

Pirates' stuff


Ahora vamos a ver la diferencia entre tres términos confundidos con regularidad aplicados a piratas (en español):










Here we have a list of famous pirates:

Famous pirates


And now, some of the most famous ones.

Firstly, female pirates:



Anne Bonney



Mary Read


Now, probably, the most famous pirate ever: BLACKBEARD:




Henry Morgan



William Kidd


And Bartholomew Roberts, better known as BLACK BART:

Black Bart


Final section:

Location maps:


mapa general

la hispaniola










-Africa (Madagascar):


Sainte Marie



Finally, let’s have a look at some of the most famous pirate flags:

recopilación de banderas



The first set: Edward England, Stede Bonnet and Christopher Moody:

flags 1


Second set: Henry Every and Edward Low

flags 2


Third set: Walter Kennedy, Thomas Tew and Emanuel Wynne

flags 3


Fourth set: Richard Worley, Christopher Condent and Black Bart:

flags 4


And the fifth, final and most famous set: Jack Rackham and Blackbeard:

flags 5


Jack Rackham’s the most famous pirate flag, but not many people know who the flag belonged to, but just so you know, Calico Jack (as he was known) was a drunkard (as most pirates probably) and a coward. That’s why I put Anne Bonney and Mary Read the first ones.


Well of course, this is not all the investigation I did years ago on paper, it’s handwritten and it’s several pages long, so I’m not copying that here. What I took picture of was just a summary of the most important facts that I put together to make a poster of it to post on my wall.




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