Glade: a clearing in a forest


Stretcher“: object used to carry an injured person = camilla


“Crimp” (verb): to curl (hair)

Cross your heart and hope to die

“Cross your heart and hope to die” is an oath said when you ascertain something is true (I hope I used this verb allright, it just came up) or you are promising something.


Don´t have a cow

Don´t have a cow” (colloquial expression), it means  “don´t get upset/ angry”, “calm down/chill out”.


Cubby hole / pigeon hole: casillero (espacio pequeño asignado para meter cosas)


To lisp is to talk in a peculiar way,  pronouncing the ‘s’/s/ like ‘th’ /θ/.


Whacky or wacky: odd, crazy, or silly


Goofing: making an error, spoiling


Got fouled“: receiving a foul (in basketball), that is a movement against the rules.


To eyeball (verb)= to look at, observe or examine.


Scorch” (verb & noun): burn superficially

cramming in

To cram (in) means to eat a lot, too much, or study a lot or stuff something so that it’s filled.

Boogie board

A boogie board is this type of small surf board used for starting surfing and that often kids use.



The only other definition of ‘herd’ I found which makes a bit of sense in my context (considering there are not animals involved) is that of ‘a large group of things’, in this case, I assume the herds of stars, weird as it may sound.

” she looked straight into the starry herds, flashing gloriously in the dark blue”
(Continuing finding odd new words in ‘The Princess and the Goblin’)


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